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Commercial Systems

Our Commercial Solar Water Heating solutions combine our proven solar collectors with a centralised heat store to extract the sun’s free energy and hold it ready for use. Our systems are pre-engineered to meet customers’ speciific requirements. They are usually designed for high volume hot water needs in diverse industries such as hotels, schools, factories etc. We are able to support a project from design stage to occupancy and beyond, in the process serving the needs of architects, developers, builders, and consumers. 

Our package can be integrated into an existing installation to provide solar pre-heating for energy cost reduction, used in the replacement of existing equipment, or used in new installations. Our solutions are scalable and expandable to meet demands of over 1000 litres/day.

Solahart HS Series

The Central Heat Store, contains the heat transfer fluid and acts like a thermal battery storing heat energy from the sun ready for use as required. This fluid is heated by circulation through Solahart’s proven high performance solar collectors during the day and is stored to provide the energy source to instantaneously heat the cold potable water supply in the highly efficient heat exchanger Delivery Skid

The Solahart HS Series storage tanks offer the perfect combination of performance, long life and flexibility. The tanks are available in 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 litre sizes and can be supplied with 100mm insulation with either a PVC jacket for indoor installations or bonded aluminium cladding suitable for outdoor installation.

How the HS Series System works

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